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One of IPOC’s main charities is Mary’s Kitchen.  Mary’s Kitchen is a volunteer organization whose aim is to provide compassionate care for those less fortunate in Orange County.  In 1984, an 82 year old Mary McAnean, founder of Mary’s Kitchen helped a homeless woman in Orange County. Mary found her calling and dedicated herself in any way possible to help her community.  Mary’s dream soon became a reality and Mary’s Kitchen was born. Mary lived to be 100 years old and she inspired so many to serve others.

Gloria Suess, Director of Mary’s Kitchen is so gracious and truly cares for those she serves and we are always honored to have her speak at our December meeting.


We provide monetary donations as well as items on their Wish List. We cannot think of a better way to start the New Year than helping others.


Freeda Koopmans delivered a check to Mary’s Kitchen from member Annette Ing-Firmeza along with her employers’ matching donation. Other donations included clothing, Man's leather jacket (compliments of Hugo) along with men's sweaters, shirts; a bag of books, ladies clothing, including sweaters and  new gloves that we are sure will be used during the colder weather. Also included were plastic grocery bags that they use to distribute the food for dinners.


Thank you to Annette and our members for their ongoing generosity. Thank you to AON for your matching donation.  And a very special thanks to Freeda for making the deliveries and to Hugo Koopmans for all his help.


To see how you can help please visit Mary’s Kitchen website at

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Freeda Koopmans and Gloria Suess 
Gloria Suess-Director 
Gloria Suess
Picnic Area
Freeda and Gloria 
Gloria and Hugo Koopmans 
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